Building contract review

Get your building contract approved to avoid the three Ds:

Defects, Delays & Dollars

Know your building contract

Building or renovating is a great investment. It can also be risky. More often than not, the problem starts with the contract.

An unfair contract will likely lead to:

  • Additional costs claimed by the builder
  • Building works not finishing on time
  • Defective or incomplete works

Residential building agreements are full of traps for the unfamiliar. And the standard HIA and Master Builders contracts are no protection, because much depends on how the builder completes the forms.

Residential building agreement

Don’t let your house building costs rise

The building process takes time. A lot can happen between now and when the works are supposed to be completed. If problems arise, you don’t want to be the one who is left out-of-pocket.

Legal costs for building disputes can quickly run into tens of thousands of dollars. Add to that the cost of repairing or completing the works if the builder escapes liability, and suddenly your carefully-budgeted project has turned into a white elephant.

Always get your building contract reviewed

Building law is complicated and costly. Pre-contractual advice from a building contract lawyer is your only protection.

Whether you're an investor purchasing a house and land package, or building your dream home, always get your building contract legally reviewed and approved – before you sign.

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Lawyer building

Don’t be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand.

Be an owl and see what’s hidden in the contract.

A small investment now could save you thousands in the long run.

Bad building contract = big building costs

home building prices

Contract terms have hidden risks

Signing a contract might seem simple enough, but building agreements are very complicated. There are many potential risks hidden in a contract schedule that can come back to bite you.

Everyone insures their property once it’s built. But it’s the building process that is most likely to lead to significant financial losses.

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Get legal advice to save $$$

Most legal disputes can be avoided if the contract is properly prepared and adhered to. A small investment now can save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Make sure you are getting what you are paying for. Contract Owl's building contract review program will ensure that you get proper legal advice, before it's too late.

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We’re the Brisbane Building and Construction Lawyers

Building experts

We only do one thing: building contracts. That makes us the experts. And efficient. So not only will we review your building contract much more comprehensively than other solicitors, we do it faster and pass the savings on to you.

Fixed fees

For most residential building contracts, we can offer a fixed fee for our lawyer building contract review. Unlike other law firms, we don’t have any hidden fees and charges, so you can be confident that the price is the price.

Dependable advice

We give straight-forward advice, in plain English, so you can go back to your builder with the all the facts.
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