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Doug Skelton knows the building industry inside-out. A builder for over 20 years, Doug changed careers to become a solicitor and successfully built his own law firm Skelton Law that practices exclusively in building and construction law.

Acting for both builders and owners, Doug saw too many disputes arise that have cost both sides enormously. Disputes that could have been avoided if the contract had been properly drafted. Doug saw the need for a simple, cost-effective legal service to stop unfair building contracts going ahead. Contract Owl was born.

Our approach is different. We don't have fancy offices with leather-bound books in high-rise buildings. We don't use confusing legal-jargon to make ourselves feel important. We just focus on working efficiently and effectively to give you solid, dependable legal advice, so you can move forward with confidence.

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Why are we more cost-efficient than other building law firms?

We don’t operate according to the “old” model of most legal practices. By using virtual office systems and working smarter, we have reduced many of the hidden administrative costs that law firms usually build into their fees.

We believe everyone should be able to access a review of their building contract, not just the big commercial operators. We created Contract Owl to stop Queensland owners getting ripped off just because it's not economical to pay for expensive legal services.

As experienced Brisbane construction solicitors, we don’t need to spend time re-reading every clause of the industry-standard contracts. We don’t need to research the law again every time we perform a contract review.

This allows us to get straight to the important issues and give you clear advice about how to protect yourself.

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